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Car and Van rental in Caceres

Cave paintings in Maltraviesco Caves demonstrate the presence of humans in the Caceres area of Extra-Matura for over 250,000 years. Remains in the city today tell the story of its Roman, Arab and medieval past. Like many of Spain's cities and large towns, the main places of interest are churches and other religious buildings. The oldest, walled area of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, almost untouched by the modern age. Here, the visitor will find an array of small shops selling trinkets and other souvenirs, and it is not unusual to find religious houses doing a roaring trade in homemade cakes and other comestibles. Festivals are part of life in Caceres, and every April, the feast of St. George is celebrated by a lavish firework display and the burning of a dragon in the city square. The cuisine in this part of Extra-Madura features a lot of pork, and salted ham is particularly sought after. For details of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch in the city, access the link Caceres.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Caceres

The choice of vehicles for hire at Enterprise is difficult to beat. Enterprise strives to make sure that customers drive away happy in a car of their choosing, whatever that might happen to be. If you are planning a drive into the mountains and maybe do some off-roading, then an SUV might be just the car for you. Alternatively, should you want something economical to help you zip around in the city, one of Enterprise's carefully selected fuel-efficient hatchbacks will do the job nicely. Enterprise's range of people-carriers is great for families or groups.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Caceres

Enterprise do great price deals on van and car hire. It is as simple as that – there is little point shopping around when it's most unlikely you will do better, particularly when you take into account Enterprise's excellent customer service. The best place to find the deals on offer is on the website. Once you have selected your vehicle, complete the online booking form and forward it to Enterprise, they will do the rest; remember to tell them about any special requirements. Booking online in advance saves you time and money and ensures you get your pick of the vehicles available.

Airport Car Hire

Stepping off your flight, coming out of the airport terminal and straight into a hire car is the ultimate in convenience. No busy airport shuttle buses for you or fractious taxi queues – you can be away and on to your destination in no time, relaxed and looking forward to the day ahead. The nearest international airports to Caceres are over 150 miles away, and while Enterprise aspire to have a base at every airport, they do not yet have a presence at the small airport at Talavera, 110 miles from Caceres.

Attractions in Caceres

The Maltraviesco Cave paintings attract many visitors each year. The architecture left by Rome and the Arabs, and witnessed in the buildings stemming from time of the reconquest, is why the old part of Caceres is a World Heritage Site, so you can be assured there is plenty to see. The city takes its responsibilities to tourists very seriously and has won numerous international prizes. The convent of the Companions of Jesus is unusual in that it is now an art gallery. Visit the Moorish Museum to learn about Arab culture and see art and artefacts dating back to when the Moors rules the city.

Places to Visit Outside Caceres

It would be at best careless to visit Caceres and not take the 58-mile drive to the neighbouring city of Badajoz. The city has a ninth-century Alcazaba fortress, built by the Moors; there is also an archaeological museum on the site. Look in awe at the 13th-century Gothic cathedral of St John the Baptist, the city's patron saint. For lovers of fine art, the Provincial Museum houses works by Caravaggio, Goya and Dali. Talavera, famous as the site of a battle in 1809 when British forces defeated the French, who were occupying the city, is about 90 minutes' drive away. Today a huge monument stands on the site of the battlefield, accessible on the MVE90 just to the north of the city. Talavera also has the Ceramic Museum, displaying the wares the area is famous for.

Parking and Traffic Information in Caceres

The major routes A-5 and A-66 run close to the city. Driving successfully in Caceres is about checking routes, planning ahead and avoiding peak times. It is also important to check out local traffic bylaws. If you are staying in a hotel in the city, check with them about parking – not all hotels are able to offer parking, but they will advise you where to leave a car safely overnight. There are plenty of car parks in Caceres and some on-street parking, all at reasonable rates.