Car and Van Hire in Tarragona

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Car and Van rental in Tarragona

Tarragona is a famous port city found within the Spanish province of Catalonia. Originally known as "Tarraco" by the Romans, the entire area is home to some of the most stunning ruins known to man. Some of these include a defensive wall, a large amphitheatre and a Roman circus. Tarragona is also located quite close to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, so many visitors will arrive here during the colder months of the year to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation. While not as populous as other nearby cities such as Barcelona, it is still estimated that 132,000 residents live within the confines of its metropolitan area. Other places of interest within the city itself include the Tarragona Cathedral and a large open-air square known as the Plaça del Fòrum. Enterprise Rent-A-Car offices are found conveniently close by. The peak of the tourist season is generally between May and late September.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Tarragona

As there are so many sights to see within this amazing city, tourists will often utilise the services provided by Enterprise. One of the major benefits is the fact that flexibility is never an issue. There are a host of modern vehicles to choose from. Compact cars, luxury models and even SUVs can provide customers with exactly what they are looking for. Even those arriving here with larger groups can take advantage of a spacious line of people carriers.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Tarragona

Economics always play an important role when planning an upcoming holiday. The representatives at Enterprise appreciate this fact and they will therefore offer extremely competitive pricing packages to all of their clients. In fact, it is possible to save even more money by making a reservation via their dedicated online platform. Booking in advance is another way to obtain amenable rates. Therefore, travellers will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that they can enjoy a greater degree of liquidity during their stay.

Airport Car Hire in Tarragona

Anyone who plans on flying into Tarragona has two primary options in regard to airports. The closest one to the centre is Reus Airport (REU). It is found approximately 7.5 kilometres from Tarragona and there are regular shuttles to and from the city. The other option is to arrive at El Prat de Llobregat International Airport. Located just south of Barcelona, the driving time between the airport and Tarragona is generally under an hour. However, this will depend upon traffic conditions. One of the main advantages of utilising El Prat de Llobregat airport is that it tends to serve a wider variety of international flights.

Attractions in Tarragona

As mentioned previously, this entire region is famous for its ancient Roman ruins. However, there are a number of other sights worth enjoying. Some of the most stunning include the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona, the Museum of Modern Art, the Paleo-Christian Cemetery, a cultural facility known as Casa de la Festa, and Port Aventura theme park. The beaches here are likewise worth a closer look. Prime examples such as Cala Jovera and Cala Fonda provide truly spectacular views of the nearby waters. Many are much less crowded when compared to other major metropolitan areas.

Places to Visit Outside of Tarragona

Many tourists will choose to spend at least a day exploring the nearby countryside. Of course, trips to Barcelona are always a possibility. The city can easily be reached by using the N340 national motorway. Inland destinations such as Montserrat and Camp de Tarragona are likewise very popular options to consider. A Roman aqueduct known as Les Ferreres features prominently on many postcards, as it is largely intact. Quaint towns such as Els Cocons and La Cativera can also provide unique glimpses into daily Catalan life.

Parking and Traffic Information in Tarragona

The traffic here tends to be light to moderate, although congestion can occur during the summer months. The main routes into the city include the previously mentioned N340 motorway and the AP-7 national highway. There are also a number of parking garages available. These are interspersed throughout the city, although a higher concentration can be found near the port and close to Port Aventura theme park. Parking rates are charged by the hour or by the day. Long-term parking plans may be available at some structures – it is a good idea to confirm this beforehand.