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Spain welcomes you to this city of sand and stone. Las Palmas is one of Europe’s most multicultural regions. As an eclectic hub, it’s home to locals who’ve come from as far afield as Africa, China and India. Its ambience thus has as much in common with North Africa as it does with the Mediterranean. Buzzing shopping districts and sweeping beaches are dotted with city bars, steeped in a bustling, contemporary atmosphere. Las Palmas is a safe area that’s easy to navigate and pockmarked with sites as diverse as national monuments, galleries and cobbled parks. There is an Enterprise branch at the local airport, which is conveniently situated on the GC-1.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Las Palmas

In terms of car rental, Las Palmas deserves to be experienced from the driver’s seat of a convertible that puts you in touch with the sea spray and sunshine. Families are catered for through a fleet of SUVs, people carriers and seven-seaters. Economy vehicles and large compact cars are ideal for small families and couples, and if you drive best with your conscience intact, choose one of our hybrid or electric vehicles. The Enterprise fleet caters to even the tightest budget, with every size and tier of luxury. There are also vans on offer for those who are moving.

Attractions in Las Palmas

Las Palmas has magnificent yellow beaches, endless promenades and its own reef. At low tide, Las Canteras becomes a huge lagoon, perfect for snorkelling. Hiring a car will let you travel further inland to Casa Museo de Colon museum, which introduces you to Columbus’ voyages and exhibits real 16th century maps. The Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno is the city’s primary art museum and hosts rotating and temporary exhibitions. The exquisite, Gothic Catedral de Santa Ana served the spiritual needs of its 15th-century members. It hosts a Juan de Miranda exhibition.

Places to Visit Outside Las Palmas

If your trip features car rental, Las Palmas is small enough for beach-to-beach trips. The Mogan coastline is perfect for oceanic sports and boating. Las Canteras is better suited to a more urban day at the seaside. Book yourself into a spa or spend the day hopping between your surfboard and the many bars along the coast. It doesn’t get much more serene than Maspalomas, which has a massive beach that distances you from all traces of urbanity. This doesn’t mean it lacks entertainment areas, only that they’re far removed from the water. Inland, travel to the botanical gardens and volcano crater leading from Las Palmas on the coastal highway. The gingerbread houses of Santa Brigida deserve a visit, and if you prefer mountainous vistas to oceanic ones, Caldera de Bandama takes you all the way to the crater’s edge. In La Atalaya, modernity is perched right next to cave houses, where people still live. A cave restaurant will give you a sense of what cave dwelling might be like, and there are small museums in the region. Las Terrazas is known for its shopping and has several large malls.

Airport Car Hire

Car hire is offered at the Las Palmas and Gran Canaria Airports. The latter has two terminals, which cater to passengers from West Africa, Europe and Senegal, among others. It also connects to large international airports, such as Heathrow. You’ll find a range of fantastic tapas cafes and pubs here that will make sure you start your holiday on a full stomach. Las Palmas airport is the largest on the island and sees some 10 million passengers a year. It handles cargo and passenger traffic between the Canary Islands.

Parking and Traffic Information in Las Palmas

When travelling via car rental, Las Palmas visitors needn’t worry about laws that differ from those in the rest of Spain. You can hire a car as long as you have a passport and driving licence. The Traffic Reform Bill of 2010 has given law enforcers new, tougher legislation. Average-speed cameras are used to manage fines. It’s illegal to handle a GPS in a moving car, and you may not use a phone, even in a stationary car, unless it is parked all the way off the road. Speed limits range from 50 km/h to 120 km/h, and seatbelts must be used in passenger seats. Winding mountain roads are challenging, particularly if you’re used to driving on the left-hand side of the road. If you’ll be staying in one part of the island for your trip, it’s worthwhile to look at discounted parking options. In season, Las Palmas is buzzing with traffic, so street parking is often as rare on the island as scarves and mittens.

Cheap Van and Car Hire

Enterprise in Las Palmas offers great prices across its large fleet of vehicles, whether you need a 3-door economy car, roomy SUV or 9-passenger people carrier. Book online in advance for the best deals on cheap car rental, or visit our knowledgeable staff in branch for friendly, personal service.

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