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Car and Van rental in Jaen

Jaen is a city of 120,000 people in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Andalusia, southwest Spain. It has a Mediterranean climate with, hot summers and cool winters. The city is renowned as the world capital of olive oil production, which, along with food production and textile manufacturing, helps to ensure a thriving local economy. In 1993, Jaen became a university city, currently with a student population of close to 20,000 and campuses dotted around the city centre. Jaen has a historical centre of steep, narrow streets. Public transport in the city is good, with over 63 bus routes in and around Jaen and further afield to Granada and Córdoba. The city's railway station has a high-speed link to Madrid as well as connections to other cities in southern Spain.Enterprise Rent-A-Car is based close to the railway station on the Plaza Jaen Por, La Paz. Click on the link for Enterprise Jaen.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Jaen.

With Enterprise you are assured of a great selection of first-class vehicles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a family saloon with a bit of power, a sporty SUV or something else, Enterprise will be able to meet your requirements. It is worth remembering too, that you are not just hiring a car - you also have excellent backup and support from industry professionals.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Jaen.

If by cheap you mean competitive prices, no hidden extras and vehicles from leading manufacturers that are well maintained inside and out, then Enterprise is the place to go. It isn't difficult booking a car; just use the interactive booking site, put down when you are travelling, select the type of vehicle you want, don't forget to record any special requirements, such as the fact you are travelling with specialist equipment or lots of luggage, and Enterprise will do the rest. It really is that simple, and of course, you can access the website all day, every day.

Airport Car Hire.

Jaen is served by Frederico Garcia Lorca Airport, 62 miles to the southwest. Enterprise aspire to have a branch at every airport, and there is already one here. Being able to hire a car as soon as you get off the plane shortens the travel time to your destination and frees you from the constraints of using public transport. With Enterprise, you get a fixed price and unlimited mileage, with no nasty added extras. What is more, branches located at airports are open long hours for the convenience of customers.

Attractions in Jaen.

Having taken almost 250 years to complete, Jaen's Renaissance cathedral dominates the skyline. The cathedral is the repository for the cloth reputedly bearing an imprint of the face of Jesus, left when St. Veronica used the cloth to wipe his face during his journey to Calvary. St Catalina's Castle, situated on the Cerro de Santa and providing panoramic views of the Guadalquivir Valley, is another major tourist venue in Jaen. The castle dates from 1246, when Ferdinand III of Castile captured the city. These sights, along with the Museum of Arts and Popular Culture, plus numerous other churches and religious buildings, will ensure visitors have plenty to occupy their time.

Places to Visit outside Jaen.

A 35-mile drive will take you to Ubeda, a small city considered to be one of the best locations for Renaissance architecture outside Italy. Many of the buildings are situated around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vazquez de Molina Square. Jaen is 65 miles from Cordoba, with its Great Mosque, cathedral and Roman bridge, to mention only a few of the attractions that make it a must-see destination. While in Andalusia, Granada is well worth a visit. It is here you will find the Alhambra, a fortress and a place with ornamental gardens known as the Generalife.

Parking and Traffic Information in Jaen.

Before driving in Spain, it is imperative to learn the rules of the road. Drivers should also familiarise themselves with the different routes and driving conditions in the locality they are visiting; many find Google Maps and Google Earth useful for this. Motoring in and around Jaen is no different from anywhere else in Spain. The A316 comes in from the west, the A44 from the north and the A312 from the northwest. The city is not as large as others in Andalusia, but visitors should think carefully about journey times, particularly around peak hours when traffic is heavy. Parking is plentiful in Jaen, but associated costs vary quite significantly.