Car Hire in Italy

Italy Car Hire Locations

There are many great reasons to visit Italy, including its vast amounts of world-famous attractions. From the classical grandeur of its capital city to the modern elegance of its northern cities, Italy has something for everyone. Every year, travellers from around the world come to explore the beautiful, rugged countryside of Sicily. Italy also boasts many beautiful, sandy beaches located along its scenic coastline. To see as much of Italy as possible, hiring a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car makes perfect sense. With a private car hire, you'll be able to go when and where you wish, and you can easily change your travel plans if needed. In addition, you'll be able to see many parts of the country that many visitors will never have the chance to explore. Picking up your Enterprise rental vehicle is quick and straightforward. They have a number of conveniently located branches, including offices in Milan, Rome, Treviso, Venice Palermo, Naples, Verona, and more!

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

With the convenience of a car hire in Italy from Enterprise, you can visit areas that wouldn't be possible if you were relying on public transport. You'll also be happy to know that Enterprise offers a great range of vehicle hires to choose from. A roomy and versatile estate car can provide you with plenty of cargo space if you need to transport a lot of luggage to your hotel in the Campanian countryside. For couples visiting for a romantic getaway, a smaller car might be easier to handle if you mostly plan to navigate around Italy's historic city streets. Enterprise offers a variety of fuel-efficient smaller cars perfectly suited for city driving, including mini, compact, and economy class vehicles. For families or larger groups, Enterprise also offers high-quality SUVs and spacious people carriers that can comfortably seat 7 to 9 passengers.

At the Airport

In Italy, you can find an Enterprise car hire branch at every major international airport. Whether you're flying into Florence, catching a plane to Pisa, or touching down in Turin, you'll be able to get your trip off to a flying start. You can also conveniently pick up or drop off your rental car at the airport in Rome, Bologna, Venice, or Milan, among others. Enterprise's branch locations were carefully selected to provide customers with maximum convenience. Enterprise has friendly staff on hand to help you pick up or choose your an ideal rental at every one of their locations. The professional Enterprise team will work hard to ensure a simple and hassle-free experience, so you can quickly get behind the wheel and on the road.

Cheap Car Hire in Italy

Enterprise is renowned for their outstanding level of customer service. What's more, they also offer superb value as a central part of their equation. It's always worth checking online for the latest deals. It's often possible to save even more money if you book your vehicle rental in advance. If you're visiting at the weekend, a car rental in Italy can be cheaper than you think, especially if you take advantage of their weekend car hire specials. Always book online if you can, as it will help ensure the best selection, as well as the lowest possible rates. Let Enterprise provide you with a reliable, modern car that can comfortably take you anywhere you need to go.

Exploring Italy

There's always something to see and do in Italy. Not only does Pisa have its must-see Leaning Tower, it's also home to a stunning Gothic cathedral and many of Italy's finest ice cream parlours. Indeed, the city is quite an accolade! Milan is the place you should visit if you're entranced by the prospect of picking up some of the latest fashion designs in one of the city's many ultra-stylish boutiques. For a more natural experience, try the Amalfi Coast. It's only a short drive from Sorrento and it will reward you with incredible views of breathtaking cliffs and bays. Rome, known as the Eternal City, is an unmissable destination for those interested in classical history.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Italy

Italy is a country where having a car can be a huge plus as long as you know the rules, including driving on the right. Main roads are generally well-made and offer good visibility. Three-lane roads exist there, and they also have middle lanes that can be used for overtaking from either direction. It's important to not enter the middle lane unless it's clear of other drivers. Be cautious on narrow mountain roads, and be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles if you're going downhill. Some cities have limited traffic zones (ZTL), which means you are not allowed to drive in those areas without a local permit.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise is the biggest rental company in the world and their sheer scale says it all. Your car rental experience in Italy will benefit from exceptional service and supreme flexibility. If you need to hire a car for a one-way journey, that can be easily be arranged with Enterprise. You can also request child safety seats if you're travelling with children. Enterprise offers many optional add-ons to help make journeys easier, including GPS navigational systems, which are great to use if you want to explore the countryside without getting lost. Enterprise's staff takes pride in going the extra mile for their customers. With Enterprise, you'll always be cared for as a valued customer and not just another number on a spreadsheet.