Car Hire in Israel

Israel Car Hire Locations

With a population of about 8.5 million inhabitants, Israel is a country with plenty to see and do. Car rental in Israel is convenient and easy, thanks to the staff at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Hire locations are situated all over the country, such as Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Tel Aviv. The popular resort town of Eilat also has an Enterprise branch. Among the many visitor sites that make Israel an attractive place to visit are its numerous antiquities. Jaffa's Old Town, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, is full of sights to behold. The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are both famous bodies of water that receive numerous visitors every year. In addition, Masada, an ancient fortress that was ascribed to King Herod, is located in the Judean Desert of southern Israel. By far the best way of touring the country's many fantastic sites is by road, which makes hiring a car rental in Israel the first option for a large number of visitors.

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

For some, a compact or economy car will be all that's required, especially if they're just planning to get around in a single city, such as Tel Aviv. For those seeking more comfort, as they eat up the miles on Israel's extensive motorway network, a premium saloon may be in order. Of course, for visitors that want to venture into the more remote parts of the country, a 4x4 or SUV may be more appropriate, which will make driving on tracks and minor roads easily doable without any issues. At Enterprise, an extensive range of cars is at your disposal.

At the Airport

In Israel, the major air hub that most visitors touch down at is Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Of course, the friendly and professional team at Enterprise will be pleased to greet and help you, so you can quickly continue your onward journey in a modern and high-quality vehicle hire. The outlet at the airport is open day and night, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured of prompt assistance whenever you happen to arrive in Israel. It only takes about 30 minutes to get from the airport to Old Jaffa.

Cheap Car Hire in Israel

A car hire company must be cost-effective, as well as provide a high level of customer service if they want to succeed in Israel. Whether you need a car for a few days or several weeks, the team at Enterprise certainly can offer you both, as well as an excellent range of vehicles to choose from. Ask for a quotation online before you begin your journey because this is by far the best way to get the lowest possible car hire rates available. When demand is low, such as at weekends, you can often find special discount promotions as well.

Exploring Israel

The centre of Jerusalem is only about a 60-minute drive from Ben Gurion Airport, and no visit to Israel would be complete without taking a trip there. The Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and the Mount of Olives are all popular tourist sights located in the city. Haifa, in the north of the country, takes about two hours by car along the coast road. The nearby Carmel Mountain National Park is a place that's well worth discovering, and the ancient town of Nazareth is only a short drive from there. In the south, Eilat shouldn't be missed out on your itinerary either, with its beautiful Underwater Observatory Marine Park.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Israel

Israelis drive on the right-hand side of the road. The speed limit is 110 km/h on motorways, and 50 km/h on most urban roads. Be aware that speed-cameras are used extensively in the country, both fixed and mobile. Never be tempted to use your phone when driving, as it's not allowed in Israel. In the winter months, all motorists must use dipped headlamps, regardless of how high in the sky the sun is. Drivers are obliged to have a high-visibility vest on board with them when travelling in Israel.

Enterprise Services

As the largest car rental operator in the world, Enterprise is ready to provide you and your party with anything you'll need for your journey in Israel. Enterprise also offers plenty of child seats and other accessories that you might be looking for. Simply enquire at one of their service desks if you require a satellite navigation system, for example. A one-way car hire, where you can return your car to another Enterprise outlet, is also possible.

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