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Hungary has long been a destination for tourists from across Europe, and it's becoming increasingly more popular with visitors from further afield. Eclectic architecture, beautiful natural landscapes, and unique cultural attractions make Hungary a dream destination for a relaxing getaway. Though it's filled with tourist attractions, its significant economic prowess makes it an important destination for business travellers as well. No matter what's the reason for heading to Hungary, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is on hand to provide visitors with a convenient way to get around on their own schedule. Enterprise offers a wide range of vehicles to accommodate the specific requirements of drivers and the journey they have planned. Enterprise provides straightforward car hire booking at affordable prices, convenient vehicle pick-ups, and a useful range of add-ons that can help ensure every trip is hassle-free and as comfortable as possible.

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

With Enterprise's impressive fleet of vehicles to choose from, there's something for everyone. With everything from stylish saloon cars to roomy people carriers to choose from, customers can select their ideal vehicle to suit their driving style and journey requirements. Large families and travelling parties can choose a spacious vehicle that can comfortably seat 7 to 9 passengers to accommodate everyone in the group, or opt for a hardy 4x4 for journeys off the beaten track that require the best in handling and performance.

At the Airport

Whether visiting Hungary for business or pleasure, most travellers arrive via Budapest International Airport. This busy airport in Hungary's capital city is a gateway for international travel and handles flights from a host of departure points. Enterprise operates a branch at this location in proximity to the terminal itself, meaning there's no need to worry about paying for expensive taxis or having to endure public transport connections in order to commence the next leg of the journey after touching town. What's more, vehicles can be dropped off at the branch shortly before catching a return flight home, offering maximum convenience for travellers.

Cheap Car Hire in Hungary

Hiring a car rental in Hungary doesn't need to break the bank. Enterprise offers a wide variety of vehicles at affordable prices, providing customers with a cost-effective way to get around in this beautiful country. Those looking to save money on a car hire in Hungary are advised to check Enterprise's website for the best possible quotes before booking their vehicle. For those looking to hire a car for a shorter period outside of usual weekdays, Enterprise offers excellent weekend rates that can help make travel budgets stretch even further.

Exploring Hungary

A car rental from Enterprise provides plenty of freedom and flexibility when it comes to exploring Hungary. One way to explore the country in style and see its key cities is by enjoying a scenic drive along the Danube river. The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe and passes through some of the largest cities in the country, including Budapest. Enterprise customers can put their rental vehicle to good use and meander along the riverside route, which offers many picturesque points to pull over and enjoy a break. With a hire car, anyone visiting the capital can ensure they see everything the city offers, without having to strike anything from their agenda. Essential attractions can all be enjoyed even if time is tight, like Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament Building, and Fisherman's Bastion.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Hungary

Driving in Hungary is relatively simple, but it's worth bearing in mind that driving regulations can differ from elsewhere in Europe. Speed limits in cities and built-up areas tend to be capped at 50 kilometres per hour, while limits on motorways stand at 130 kilometres per hour. It's also worth noting that some motorways will require you to pay a toll. Driving in major cities during peak traffic times, like early mornings and early evenings, can be time-consuming due to congestion. For anyone looking to keep to a schedule, it's advised to avoid driving during these hours. Paid parking facilities can be easily found in most major towns and cities, and many major tourist areas often provide free parking.

Enterprise Services

There's little wonder why Enterprise is the leading car hire company in the world. With a first-rate vehicle fleet and conveniently located branches, choosing an ideal vehicle for your journey is easy, while collections and drop-offs are simple. Whatever's the reason for visiting, arranging a car rental in Hungary is simple, especially with Enterprise's friendly staff on hand to help with everything. Customers can also opt for handy add-ons when booking a vehicle, including GPS units for fuss-free navigation, as well as child safety seats to help ensure younger passengers are kept safe while driving on the roads.

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