Car Hire in Croatia

Croatia Car Hire Locations

With a stunning coastline that is the envy of anywhere in Europe, Croatia is a superb place to explore by car, whether you arrive via one of their air hubs in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, or at one of its many seaports. The country is easy to navigate around due to well-maintained roads. Having a car rental in Croatia means being able to get off the beaten track, so you can visit some of its smaller resorts and charming fishing villages, such as Rogotin in the south, or the northern area of Umag, which is located near the Slovenian border. Croatia also has several stunning mountains and forested areas to explore. Head inland towards the Hungarian border and you'll discover many scenic places of interest, like Park Papuk, a large nature reserve that's east of the capital city. Do not miss out on the opportunity to explore some of Croatia's superb islands that still remain unspoilt by large-scale tourist developments. The port offers convenient car-carrying ferries, which makes it easy to transport your vehicle to nearby isles, such as Brač, which is famous for its beaches.

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

Enterprise Rent-A-Car provide visitors to Croatia with a great choice of cars in many classes. For example, you might be interested in hiring a 4x4 to explore the country's mountainous terrain, especially if you plan to travel during the winter. The additional traction that 4x4s offer can be particularly advantageous when driving down steep or slippery slopes. Alternatively, you could opt for a 9-seat people carrier to get you and your entire family from the airport to your villa or hotel. These types of vehicles are popular during the summer months, as this is when Croatia's seaside resorts tend to be at their busiest.

At the Airport

Enterprise has branches at all of Croatia's major international airports, which makes hiring a car rental in Croatia a breeze. A friendly team member of Enterprise will be available to provide you with a car for your onward transport as soon as you arrive at the airport, whether you touch down at Zadar Airport, Zagreb Airport, or Rijeka Airport. Enterprise also has car hire outlets conveniently located at Pula Airport, Split Airport, as well as at Dubrovnik Airport. All Enterprise airport branches are easy to find in the terminals, and they are normally open for service seven days a week with eager staff on hand waiting to help you upon your arrival.

Cheap Car Hire in Croatia

Pricing is a key factor for nearly all car rentals in the Balkans, and it's certainly the case in Croatia since they have a highly competitive market. Thankfully, Enterprise offers some of the lowest cost car rental rates in the country, as well as several convenient key locations throughout Croatia, providing both convenience and great value for money. Ask for a quotation online before you travel in order if you want to secure the most competitive prices, and enquire about weekend deals as rental prices can be even better than typical weekday rates.

Exploring Croatia

With so much attractive coastline along the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, visitors to Croatia could be forgiven for never venturing far from the water. Zadar and Split are both great bases to start your exploration of the country's coast. There are frequent ferry services that run between Croatia's many delightful islands. Heading inland usually requires an exhilarating journey on winding roads and driving down steep hills, which can be highly rewarding. The capital city of Zagreb is also well worth visiting. It is a lively city that offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Croatia

Like most of continental Europe, Croatian motorists drive on the right. Seat belts must be worn by drivers and passengers at all times, regardless of where you happen to be travelling. Though the speed limit in urban centres is 50 kph, you can drive up to limits of 130 kph on clear stretches along the motorway. Bring your driving license and rental agreement everywhere you go. Avoid any alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel because there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving in the country. On-the-spot fines are sometimes issued by Croatian Police for minor motor regulation infringements.

Enterprise Services

The largest rental company globally, Enterprise is ideally positioned in Croatia to offer drivers additional services that go beyond the standard. As well as caring for their cars to ensure they are handed over in mint condition, their friendly team will go the extra mile to help you. For example, if you require particular items, like satellite navigation or child booster seats, Enterprise can help. One-way car hires and additional nominated drivers can be easily arranged. Just ask Enterprise for anything you might need for your journey and they'll be happy to help.